January 9, 2024 classes starting for the winter session

  Yogaview will open for the winter session Jan.9, 2024.  All classes beginning at 9:30 am

Yogaview is pleased to announce a new class on Wednesday morning which will be a Gentle / Beginners class starting at 9:30 am and ending at 11:00. This class will be taught be Elaine with Deborah assisting.

The studio’s schedule is listed below . Please email me as soon as you decide what classes you would like to register for.

For Classes at Yogaview  , the options are a 4, 6, 10, or 20 class punch card. The more classes you purchase at one time, the less you pay per class. The expiry dates will vary according to the number of classes purchased.

The approximate price for all classes will be $15.00 per class .  This will be dependent on which punch card option you chose. The classes at Yogaview vary in length. The Level 1 on Tuesday and Saturday morning is  one hour and forty five minutes, the Gentle/ Beginners on Wednesday mornings will be one hour and thirty minutes and the Level 1/2 on Thursday will be a 2 hour class.

  • 20 class punch card $275   ( 5 months expiry)  best for two classes a week.


  • 10 class punch card  $150 for Level 2 ( 3 month expiry)
  • 6 class punch card $102  ( 2 month expiry)
  • 4 class punch card $72  (  2 month expiry)

One time Drop ins $18  for out of town students.

Please note the following closure dates for classes TBA

The benefits of yoga are only gained through regular, consistent practice and attendance.

Day of the Week



Level 1  9:30- 11:15
Gentle/ Beginners 9:30 – 11:00
( Elaine/Deborah)
Level 1/2  9:30 – 11 :30

(Deborah/ ) 

Level 1  (9:30 – 11:15)





Please register by calling or emailing the teacher. Classes are subject to cancellation if less than 4 people enroll. if you have to register late in the session, please check the website for any notification of class cancellations.


  • $15 per class  (1 3/4 hours)  when registering for one class per week.
  • $15  for Level 1/2 class ( 2 hours )
  •  $72 for a 4 class drop in punch card valid for 2 months from time of purchase.  $18.00 for a drop in for those  Iyengar students who are from out of town.

If you are looking for more information on class levels you will find it here.

If you’re wondering about what to expect, and class etiquette, we have some information here.

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