At Yogaview,  classes are designed for all ages and every level of ability. Learn more about the levels that are offered below.  All classes take place in the Yogaview Studio, 25 km east of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Yogaview: Downward Dog

Gentle/ Beginners (  starting September 13, 2023)

This class is slower paced and gentle for students working with  injuries. Props are used to restore energy, flexibility, and muscular balance. The class is also well suited for students over 70 years of age and those who are not accustomed to physical exercise.


A foundation for learning the basics of the Iyengar method. Standing, sitting, twisting, and inverted poses along with breath awareness are taught. This class is for beginners or those new to Iyengar yoga.


In yoga, deep breathing is part of the practice of Pranayama. In Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, prana is the vital energy or life force; it also refers to respiration. Ayama means length, expansion, and extension, and conveys the idea of restraint, control, and stopping. According to B.K.S. Iyengar, Pranayama also means communication, expansion, or dimension. When practicing Pranayama, one slows down the rate of breathing and expands chest and lung capacity. Pranayama is an integral step in the eight-limb path of yoga,  which strives to bring consciousness to mind and body, and finally, freedom. All breathing is influenced by changes in body position, emotional state, and activity level. The ability to breathe deeper and longer requires the physical preparation of the pulmonary and musculoskeletal systems, in addition to developing greater focus on the breath. This preparation of the body and mind for Pranayama can be accomplished through the practice of asanas (yoga postures). To better perform these asanas, the support of a yoga prop often is needed to extend and elongate the muscles and soft tissue used in breathing. This elongation is essential preparation for Pranayama. This is the basis for the Iyengar method’s intricate instructions designed to expand and “shape” the breathing, directing the breath with awareness to various regions of the lungs incrementally. This class is only available to those who have taken at least  three sessions of Iyengar Yoga

Level 1/2

For students who have learned the basics in level 1.  There is a  greater variety of standing poses, forward bends, back bends and  variations in shoulder stand. Each session will include some basic, lying down pranayama.

Level 2

For students who have a strong shoulder stand and working towards the other inversions, Level 2 will also provide a more refined understanding of all the asanas taught in the previous levels. Pranayama will be taught at regular intervals throughout the session.

Sunday Morning Open Practice  has been Discontinued

Yogaview will be continuing a punch card payment system for classes during the fall,  winter and spring session, 2023. We are offering this in hopes of meeting the needs of those who work shifts, those who travel during the winter months and for students who wish to take two classes a week at a discount. The options are a 4, 6, 10, or 20 class punch card. The more classes you purchase at one time, the less you pay per class.

20 class punch card.( $275/ 5 months expiry)  best for two classes a week

10 class punch card  ($150 for all classes,  3 months expiry), 1 hour 45 minutes hour class

6 class punch card $102 ( 2 month expiry) 4 class punch card $72 ( 2 month expiry)

One time Drop ins $18  for Iyengar yoga students from out of town
Also Available
  • Talk to your teacher about bursaries and work exchange program. Don’t let finances limit your yoga life.
  • Community Groups  Drop In Classes   Drop in classes are offered  for Iyengar students visiting this area from another community and for new students who wish to try the Iyengar method. Students will be able to purchase a 4 class punch card which is valid for 2 months from time of purchase.  If a student is from out of town, they can drop in for one class . Yogaview does not offer drop in classes as an ongoing option .  Yogaview will make an exception to this policy for those students who have already signed up for one class in a session and wish to take a second class occasionally. The benefits of yoga are only gained through regular and consistent practice and attendance.
Refund Policy

We are unable to give refunds. However, an extension may be granted for a medical condition.

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